GrAI Matter Labs (, a fabless semiconductor company specialized in brain-inspired technology, designs and develops fully programmable ultra-low power neuromorphic HW for sensor analytics and machine learning.

The company has offices in Eindhoven (NL), Paris (FR) and San Jose (USA) and has strong relations with top-ranking research groups on neuroscience, humanvision and natural computation.

We are looking for a Solutions Architect - AI. The right person will be able to work on the interface between hardware, software and systems. The job will typically require the analysis of a new AI problem in terms of its data, its algorithms and its suitability to GML's hardware and software stack. Should the analysis show suggest the problem is optimal for a GML solution, the correct solution must then be designed and implemented.


  • Analyze customer and internal AI applications for suitability on the GML platform
  • Design optimal solutions for applications on the GML platform
  • Advise marketing and sales staff on the appropriateness of GML solutions for various applications
  • Interact with customer and partner organizations in implementing GML solutions
  • Develop new solutions in hardware, software and systems domains using GML tool
  • Support marketing, sales, and field service staff in interactions with customer and partner organizations
  • When necessary, train new users on the solutions produced by GML


  • Masters (MS) or preferably PhD level degree in Science or Engineering with a focus on machine learning, neuromorphic engineering, computer architecture, or closely related fields.
  • A working understanding of modern deep learning methods and tools, such as TensorFlow.
  • Good coding skills in Python, or C++
  • Willingness to learn new development environments, tools and platforms
  • Legally authorized to work in the U.S.