GrAI Matter Labs is a young and vibrant high-tech company, which aims to revolutionize artificial intelligence for everyone. Our unique machine learning technology will drive the next generation of computer chips to power many future products. This way, we contribute to making robots, cameras, and transportation smart, safe, and power-efficient. GML is an international company, with highly motivated teams in offices in France (Paris), Netherlands (Eindhoven), and USA (San Jose).

At GML, we develop new technologies for efficient low-latency and low-power processing of neural networks, for training neural networks, and for neuromorphic computing. And we are looking for talented MSc candidates to help us in this research.

If you are an MSc candidate with a background in electrical engineering, computer science, or computer architecture, and you are looking for a cutting-edge environment to perform your MSc thesis project, then you should certainly consider applying at GML!

You will be embedded in a team of highly trained and highly motivated architects, scientists, and engineers. In your assignment, you will work with experts in the fields of processor architecture, computer architecture, compiler construction, neural network and neuromorphic processing.

Research topics

These are some of the topics we are currently working on:

  • Hardware scheduling and pipelining of neuron operations and memory accesses;
  • Clock gating strategies for multicore dataflow architectures;
  • Power management of multi-core neural network processors;
  • 2D, 2.5D and 3D die-to-die connectivity of near-memory compute;
  • Variable-precision vector floating point neuron processing engines;
  • Verification methodologies, specifically including random neural network generators;
  • Network-on-Chip concepts and non-functional aspects.


  • Determining the scientific contributions of your project, and advancing the state-of-the-art in neural network processor design;
  • Providing GML with new building blocks and power improvements for brain-inspired computing architectures;
  • Defining your project goals, deliverables, and plans, to fit the timeframe of your assignment;
  • Running and managing your project, together with your GML advisors, university supervisors, colleagues, and co-students;
  • Delivering a final report for your MSc graduation.


  • Master student with a background in e.g. Electrical Engineering, Computer Science;
  • Strong affinity with mathematics, computer science, computer architecture, or hardware verification;
  • Machine-learning background, and experience with neural network frameworks is a pre;
  • 'Can-do' mentality, excellent problem-solving skills

About GrAI Matter Labs

GrAI Matter Labs is a dynamic organization which employs some of the brightest minds in the industry and is known for the great care we take with clients and employees alike. We believe we will win as a close-knit team that converts a strong vision into products that solve use cases which our customers truly value. We also hold to the highest standards of inclusion, team spirit, and cooperation. This position is based at GrAI Matter Labs offices at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The High Tech Campus houses 160 companies, employing a total of 11,000 entrepreneurs and R&D employees. To our interns, we offer a nice compensation, in line with what is customary around the Eindhoven area.